Chelsea Manor’s Top Five Fresh Sexy Costume Concepts

[An article I wrote for Chelsea Manor IntimatesSexy Lingerie Blog, about taking a fresh approach to the sexy costume craze and making it really work for you. ]

Halloween is not a night to be ordinary! Steer away from shopping off the rack at a tacky costume shop and fading into the crowd with every other girl in the same ho-hum last-minute look. A strong sense of self-confidence makes a woman stand out and Halloween is the perfect opportunity to tap into your personality and show off what truly makes you, you! Showcase your adventurous ambitions, literary wit, love of whimsy, silly sense of humor, or seldom seen softer side in a memorable Chelsea Manor masquerade style. Here are five fresh themes that you’ll love to chat about and share the story behind, sure make an impact and leave all eyes on you.

1. For the daring gal-on-the-go, choose a cheeky career uniform to show what you might want to be when you grow up, someday. A sexy pilot’s getup, disarming army girl look, or flight attendant ready for fun, are unexpected ways to show that spontaneity, travel, and adventure are what make you tick.

2. Take your nose out of that book and hold your head high in a seductive costume straight out of the pages of a classic work of fiction. Show off your big beautiful brain as an innocent Alice, go on an odyssey as a gorgeous Greek goddess character, or snag that naughty comic book nerd in a hot Harlequin outfit or coquettish catsuit.

3. Even though your feet are on the ground, your head is in the clouds! Let your playful side peek out in a sweetly provocative fairy tale costume that lets you feel like the belle of the ball and will have them treating you like a princess. For the fish-out-of-water who feels too special for this boring world, a shimmering mermaid dress is sure to make a splash and say that you’ll never settle for the mundane side of life.

4. Nothing is sexier than a girl who knows how to laugh! A newsworthy costume like a revved-up referee shows you know what’s going on in sports (use Google if you don’t). The tried-and-true nurse fantasy takes on a new life as a statement about the current affairs in politics, no matter which way you lean. You’ll love being “in” on the joke and a great conversation starter keeps things going beyond that initial wow at how hot you look.

5. Don’t let anyone forget that a no-nonsense woman with big ambition and big responsibilities doesn’t always have to be hard-edged and serious. Put away the power suit or the soccer mom attire and embrace a stunningly feminine classic look. A clinging catsuit, beautiful burlesque outfit, or forbidden French maid costume are refreshing choices when you’re the practical type or the perpetual tomboy. When you choose to shine in a whole new way, it shows.

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