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Archived in 2016




Casandra Armour unique resume 2017

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Past resume and achievements:

CArmour Resume Unique Small

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Since I joined the team at two years ago, the brand’s focus has experienced a welcome shift toward cultural, social, and women’s issues. Growing along with the site as a writer has been challenging but remarkably fulfilling. In 2014, I was grateful to sign on as  LC’s social media manager as well, bringing a fresh approach to our endeavors across vital social networking outlets including Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.


Last summer, I earned an enriching eight-month stint as a social media strategist with Spencer Kent Communications. I oversaw daily content sharing for brands such as Orly and SpaRitual nail polish, the widely-read Organic Authority and EcoSalon blogs, Red Brick Pizza, and more, and also participated in long and short-term promotional planning. EcoSalon in particular experienced a great deal of growth in its reach and readership.

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