Throwback: Back to School Top Five

[For back-to-school season I picked five fun songs to discuss in this week’s Redigi Throwback.]

Back to school. It makes you both cringe and smile a little each time you see it on TV or in a movie; kids eagerly picking out new threads or dreading hand-me-downs, stocking up on school supplies, contemplating  ”Who will I be this year?” Each year as the leaves change,  fall’s crisp breezes carry the reminder of school-age expectations and each autumn’s potential for renewal.  Requisite vintage rock tracks like “Another Brick in The Wall” or “Hot For Teacher” capture youth’s simmering sexual frustration and fury at education’s bureaucratic hypocrisy.  But before the jaded days set in, at first, going back to school holds hope, ease of loyal love and friendship, and the eagerness to make memories and have something significant to look back on.

The White Stripes- We Are Going to be Friends–  Little children walking to school in a beautiful bygone era provide the backdrop for this simple Jack White ditty that’s so precious, it’s practically a lullaby.

The Jackson 5- ABC– A flirty track from Gary, Indiana’s First Family, this schoolyard lesson spells out “u” and “i” together. This sweet song shrugs off love as being as easy to grasp as elementary basics. That’s how easy love can be.

The Beatles-  All Together Now– The fab four’s sing-song romp plays like a nursery rhyme. But amongst the Dr. Seussian numbers, letters, and colors review lies the sneaky lyric, “Black, white, green, red/Can I take my friend to bed?”

The Ramones- Rock and Roll High School– Too fun and fast-paced not to include, this popular punk rock staple was borne from classic camp director Roger Corman’s comedy film of the same name. The school’s kids care more about rock n’ roll than their education, driving administrators to the asylum and the student body to anarchy. Fun, fun!

The Bangles- Hazy Shade of Winter– This cover is a great embodiment of the the new class showing their merit, The Bangles carrying on the legacy of icons Simon & GarfunkelPaul Simon‘s lyrics reflect on the passing eras of ones life, “Seasons change with the scenery/Weaving time in a tapestry/Won’t you stop and remember me”.  It’s like flipping through a yearbook.

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