Hello Giggles Mani

[My first piece for HelloGiggles.com.]

Tossing aside my tendency toward what can best be described as sweatpants sophisticate, or perhaps tomboy chic if I’m feeling fancy, I picked out a pretty a-line dress for a night out last weekend. But it was tough to find the right accessory to complement its simple form yet still accent the bold aqua blue hue. Enter this marvelous manicure.

China Glaze ‘For Audrey‘ captures the timeless teal of the Tiffany’s jewelry box in homage to our favorite style icon, while OPI ‘Paint My Moji-toes Red’ offsets the demure blue with racy red; creating a mod French manicure cured of its usual ennui.  It was a task to choose between a red nail with a teal tip or vice-versa, so I alternated them for an added pop of color and cute.  I sealed the deal efficiently with Seche Vite Fast Dry Top Coat. The top coat spazz-proofed my home manicure, drying the separate coats quickly to a smooth high-gloss shine.  (Thank goodness for the cool beauty products moms pull out of their bag of tricks when you’re flailing with wet nails.)

And the tip of the hat to the Hello Giggles’ color scheme? Mere coincidence, but a pretty happy one.

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