Pinterest’s Nail Boards Are Sharp

Casandra Armour Pinterest[A piece I wrote nearer to the inception of Pinterest (when it was still invite only) for]

Friends and fam have been accepting (and glaringly ignoring) my pushy requests for them to join Pinterest, the trendy virtual pinboard site that’s utilized to grab interesting images from the web, then organize and share. In addition to decor, couture, D.I.Y., typography and other great categories filled with inspiration and ideas, giddy nail goodness also abounds.

A good illustration of Pinterest’s ease of use might be how I work it. I get emails from The Look For Less and Refinery 29, for example, two sites I do a lot of pinning from. If I see a lovely manicure idea, a color, or an effect I like, I could drag and drop the image into a folder to be forgotten about on my desktop. Or I could star and file the email. I could bookmark the link. Instead, I just pin it.

An app installed in my browser put a little ‘Pin It’ in my bookmarks bar. I just click that to save any fascinating find, select how I want it categorized and continue going about browsing without leaving the page. Not only does it save the image to my board on the site, but it also preserves the URL that the pic came from– keeping “how to”s attached to their instructions, making products easy to purchase, names of colors/styles accessible, etc. It’s a dreamy concept for a lazy girl who aspires to be organized and occasionally is.

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