Pearl of Wisdom: Oyster Offers Netflix-Like Service for Books

Pearl of Wisdom: Oyster Offers Netflix-Like Service for Books

hipster ariel loves reading oyster on her whattya call it? oh, kindle.

Get ready to shell out for your new obsession. A mobile app called Oyster offers avid digital page-turners a sea of unlimited books for just $9.95 a month and its members will enjoy access to more than 100,000 titles, “available with a single tap, anytime, anywhere.”

Readers can access and read over 100,000 titles across every genre— “from international bestsellers and celebrated classics, to cult sci-fi and seminal biographies,” with new books added weekly. A reader-friendly interface is said to have been carefully crafted to meet the needs of even the most serious bibliophile. “From the typography in our reader to the technology under the hood we’ve tried to consider each detail in making the product as seamless and enjoyable as possible,” Oyster’s blog reads.

Designed and developed for mobile, we’ve worked to showcase the beauty of our books. Our editorial sets and personalized recommendations are tuned for mobile, allowing you to move from browsing to reading to sharing smoothly and quickly.”

The company has developed five custom themes, “that combine elements of typography to create distinctive and stylistically unique designs, making mobile reading a joy in any environment.”

Oyster will also serve as a sort of book club, a la Goodreads it would seem, packing the obligatory social network into the system as well. Users can keep up with what friends are reading and recommending, and curate a personalized library to share.

“Our mission is to build the best reading experience,” Oyster assures, “one that is both communal and personal, anytime, anywhere. Oyster reflects our shared passion and values: a thoughtfulness for both technology and business challenges, a love of beautifully simple design, and a belief that a well-rounded, well-read life is a richer one.”

The app is currently being rolled out by invitation only. Eager readers can request one here– Casandra Armour [Originally hosted at]

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