Walking Wolf Productions TV Launches Web Series Contest

Premiere creative enterprise Walking Wolf Productions has announced the addition of a new branch of media to the company’s award-winning repertoire. Debuting in 2013, the new Walking Wolf Productions TV will launch its own original programming, including a new web series which will give aspiring creative professionals the chance to see their ideas come to life.

The company has two series in the works currently, available when the channel’s website launches next year.  “Under the Sun” will be an on-going dramatic series, featuring a bartender narrating the tragic tales of patrons who occupy the bar stools. The bartender dispenses life-changing words of wisdom that have tremendous impact on the conflicted customers, altering the course of their lives forever.

Exploring the motivation of fear and how it impacts human behavior, the action-packed thriller “Midnight Hellion” follows five unsuspecting characters trapped in a nightmare scenario. Stranded in a remote area, the eerily isolated swamps of Florida’s Everglades, the group is shocked when one-by-one their reluctant companions begin disappearing. The few remaining survivors must work together to stop their unknown killer, before they all die without a trace.

A potential third show presents a unique opportunity for film-makers and producers to pitch their vision and earn a spot amongst new online independent TV community. Walking Wolf Productions will launch an up-and-comer’s idea as the third series on their new channel.

The company is appealing to its social media followers and fans to accept the challenge and pitch an impressive new concept that will revolutionize the new medium. Submit your pitch via email mytvpilot@walkingwolfproductions.com, Walking Wolf‘s  Facebook, or Twitter.  The winning candidate will be credited as one of the show’s creators and invited to watch filming.

Walking Wolf Productions’ mantra is “Entertain. Educate. Innovate.” and the company’s young entrepreneurs eagerly carry out their call to action.

Thriving since 2007, the start-up is comprised of veteran actors, writers, producers and directors, whose focus is to provide the best in entertainment, including music video production, short films, feature length films and documentaries. The studio’s tragic romance “The Tainted Touch” earned multiple awards including cinematography, editing, and audience’s choice. Last year’s carefully crafted horror short “Fractured Minds” has also taken multiple prizes, including best director for co-founder Frank Battiston. The trio of BattistonRene Fornari, and Kevin A. Walton established the company together.

The films and filmmakers Walking Wolf Productions appreciate share a common thread with the proprietors themselves, a passion for telling a poignant story. “Our movies have to have three key goals, to educate, elevate, entertain. Movies now? You go in and you come out dumber than when you went in,” Rene laments. “One can produce horror films and action films, and there’s no reason that these films cannot have something within. We don’t want to make those movies that dumb people down.”

Frank elaborates, “A true filmmaker translates the page to reality, as close as it can be. You cannot be selfish with audience, if you want them to enjoy something as you would; you have to give them what you’d want to watch.”

An admirable code to adhere to, and those ready to embrace their mantra and accept Walking Wolf TV’s challenge can submit their pitches now.

For information email mytvpilot@walkingwolfproductions.com, or contact Anthony Mora Communications, Inc. 323-667-3107

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